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        Building ceramics

        The ceramic industry is used as the adhesive of the blank to improve the plasticity of the clay and
        the strength of the semi-finished product. Adding it to the surface glaze can improve the uniformity of
        the glaze powder, enhance the binding force between the glaze powder and the ceramic, and reduce
        the porosity, cracking, unglazing and edge warping of the finished glaze. It is used in the prefabrication
        of concrete and prefabricated parts in the construction to reduce the water loss, play a role of retarding
        and improve the concrete strength. It is used for indoor coating, whitewashing and internal wall
        whitewashing, enhancing coating strength, color and aging resistance

        Model index

        Viscosity (2% aqueous solution ,25 ℃ MPa.s)

        Degree of substitution(D.S)0.68-0.750.75-0.85

        PH value 

        Drying loss(%)≤10




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